Over 100 documentaries, corporate films and TVCs. 400 episode tele serial. Micro films. Many product categories.
The audio-visual works when written words don’t. Let people see you, hear you and feel connected to your brand.

Sanket Communications has been an advertising agency for over thirty years and our spirits have always been at par with the changing times. Our continuous dedication towards pushing our creative limits and constant determination to come up with something extraordinary has achieved us over 100 documentaries, television commercials and corporate films, 400 episode tele-serial, micro films and many more audio-visual services.

Audio-visuals, when executed well (by experts like us!), have the undeniable ability to hold the viewer’s attention. Whether it is an enticing jingle, a heart-warming dialogue or a catchy ad film, it can help you make a good place in the memories of your target audience.

If you want our assistance in Short films, TVCs or Television Programming, why wait? Tap the most appealing form of communication and let us help you steer your boat towards success!