Integrated Communication

We understand the right media mix for you to ignite your brand amongst your TG.

 Enjoy a 360-degree solution for smooth communication

If you want to reach a particular destination, the first thing you need to figure out is the various means of commute available to you. Similarly, in the world of advertising and marketing, you can’t solely depend on just one communication path. There are various ways by which you can achieve your target.

In order to reach maximum number of people and to ensure that your messages are hitting the right notes with the target audience you need to follow what is known as Integrated Communication.

While working on the visibility of your brand, you need communication happening at all levels – advertising, public relations, marketing, Digital media marketing, media relations etc. In addition, you want your message to be conveyed through the right channels so as to create maximum engagement. This is where Sanket Communications, one of the top advertising agencies in Eastern India, steps in.

Following a well-organised system of planning, brainstorming, research and strategizing, our team is able to come up with the most relevant integrated communication plan for your product.

Services for Integrated Communication plans include –