Top 5 Marketing Campaigns of the Decade by Indian Brands You Must Know

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Top 5 Marketing Campaigns of the Decade by Indian Brands You Must Know


Marketing for a brand works hand in hand with the emotion it conceives in the consumer’s mind. It has been so influential that people consider buying a product or services, not for their excellent features and benefits, but how good or bad their marketing is.

A great marketing campaign drives sales for the brand and puts it on the forefront that helps with their awareness a lot. When your marketing campaign can win the audiences’ hearts, 90% of the job is already done! Some brands have done a fantastic job inducing various emotions in their target audience. Here are the top 5 marketing campaigns from Indian brands that you must know about. It can help you shape your campaign by targeting your core audience in the best way possible.

1. #ShareTheLoad by Ariel

Ariel had always been the second-best detergent brand in India because of Surf’s immense popularity. But since the last few years, Ariel changed its marketing game, and with the #ShareTheLoad campaign, it has garnered lots of love from the audience! They asked a very pertaining and hard-hitting question – “Is Laundry Only A Woman’s Job?”

Ariel targeted their campaign towards urban families with working women. Their initial ad featured an apology letter by a father who is confessing to his daughter. He mentions how he never helped her mom in household chores, how he never told her that these are not just a woman’s duty.


The campaign invoked a wave of emotion among the netizens and gathered a lot of attention. Their video, just on youtube, has reached 20.8 million till now and countless shares and retweets on social media. 2.1 million men pledged to support the campaign by posting their stories as well.

Moreover, it helped Ariel increase their sales by a whopping 76%, just from this single campaign!

On the international front, #ShareTheLoad was presented at the UN conference as a point about positive gender roles. Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, praised the ad mentioning how it helped change perception, so you can imagine how viral the campaign was!

2. #MeAndMeriMaggi By Maggi

Maggi is one of the country’s household brands and has repeatedly churned out great campaigns throughout its illustrious  36 years in India. But the particular campaign we are talking about is its 25th-anniversary #Me&MeriMaggi campaign. It is a prime example of fantastic community engagement through marketing.

In 2012, much before the “Maggi’s MSG and lead debacle,” Maggi launched its #Me&MeriMaggi campaign to urge people to send their personal Maggi stories. Maggi knew its market position very well, and due to their previous labor, this campaign was an instant success!

Results –

People sent more than 30,000 stories in the period, and it was one of Maggi’s most successful campaigns. These stories broke into public eyes through various mediums such as Radio, Newspaper, Unique new packaging, website postings, etc.  The best three short-listed stories were made into TVC ads.

They also witnessed the highest ever growth of month-on-month volumes sales due to the campaign.

3. #BreakingBarriers By BrookeBond

Brooke Bond entered India during British rule and has built a legacy for itself being one of the highest tea selling brands in the country. Naturally, the company’s got a fine marketing team that weaves excellent campaigns.

That’s precisely what they did with the #BreakingBarriers campaign in 2018. Brooke Bond came up with five real thought-provoking stories in the forms of chapters. These stories celebrated humanity’s central theme in various scenarios, such as religion, love, art, adoption, and empowerment.

Results – 

The videos became viral like wildfire on social media. With the initial engagement of more than 4000 conversations and 6 million views on Facebook and Youtube, many people came up with their own stories to share using the hashtag #BreakingBarriers on different platforms.  The campaign touched nearly 13 million hearts as a whole and was arguably one of the best of the year.

4. #FuelledByLove By British Airways

British Airways is a leading airways company with flights to India. In research done by the Ministry of Tourism, they found that 12% of tourists arriving in India in December 2015 were from the United Kingdom, making it 3rd most significant source of foreign tourists. And British Airways pounced on that opportunity to target that audience in the best way possible!

In 2016, they released a digital ad campaign #FuelledByLove, inspired by real events, where they showcased a flight attendant’s beautiful bond with an older woman traveling alone. During the flight, the attendant helps the lady on various occasions and also comforts her when she feels emotional mentioning her son. The lady then invites the attendant to her home, discovering India’s beautiful culture and values.

Results –

This heart-warming video won the internet audience in an instant and trended on Facebook for 56 hours. It received around 4 million views on various platforms and free news coverage, estimated to be approximately $4 million. And the cherry on the top – The ad also won The National Film Award. Talk about making an impact through a single campaign!

5. #SamsungGoodVibes By Samsung India

When most of the brands are running towards celebrity endorsement advertising to uplift their brand awareness, Samsung has proved time and again that it’s more effective just to showcase the simple theme of humanity and win hearts.

#SamsungGoodVibes advertisement depicts the daily struggles of deaf-blind people worldwide through a girl named Diya and how, through their Good Vibes app, she can communicate with her parents.


The ad video has an astounding 291 million+ views on Youtube and Facebook, sparking around 40K conversations on different social media platforms. The app has over 5K downloads and a rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store.

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