Interactive :The Future of Advertising

Interactive :The Future of Advertising

Interactive :The Future of Advertising


Successful brands are the ones able to create positive consumer experiences. And these experiences create a brand image that is difficult to forget. This is the world of “live” advertising and it is exploding. These “live” advertisements are but a sliver in the vast universe of experiential advertising. But how do we define an experience? For me, experiences are extremely vague and they are super personal. One thing we can all agree is that first experiences are the most memorable and powerful. Human experiences like the first kiss, a child being born or the death of a loved one bind us all in a global sense of community.

The pandemic acted like a reset switch in our lives. It affected each of us in a unique way. But the way it has reshaped the advertising industry is irreversible. Digital ads now dominate one-thirds of the advertising industry in India and viewers are bombarded with ads left, right and center. People are growing increasingly wary of repetitive and irrelevant ads. In 2022, advertising as a passive experience is losing its power.

In what ways can we engage today’s consumers and users then? This is a question every fresher in the ad industry has asked many times. I will say, first, we can’t see people as just consumers or users, rather we need to look at them as humans first. Advertisers must consider people as contributors and participants, rather than just passive listeners or viewers.

It was the year 2016, the world had experienced one of the best consumer AR experiences through Pokemon GO. Marketers and advertisers took notice of the game’s impressive use of interactive content. And the advertising industry throughout the globe swiftly adopted technology into their campaigns to make them interactive and experiential.

Creating intrigue in the audience’s mind to directly interact with the content of the advertisement is the simple recipe for an interactive advertising campaign. In this blog we will tell you about some intriguing interactive advertisements and why you should think of integrating interactive ads into your marketing mix.

Bajaj Pulsar QR Code Ad
Bajaj Pulsar QR Code Ad

Using QR codes, this ad campaign for the launch of Pulsar N160 directly engaged customers. The out-of-the-box campaign immediately caught the attention and imagination of bike enthusiasts and the wider audience alike who scanned the QR code and shared their experiences on social media. This ad created a sense of curiosity, compelling other users to join in and find out what was brewing.

Cadbury #shopsforshopless
Cadboury Celebration

Cadbury has created a name for itself with its core idea of “helping others”. In their ad campaign around Diwali, they have continued on the trajectory that it chose for the festival. This ad celebrates the power of communities by joining hands together with the help of technology. Cadbury aimed to provide support and empower local hawkers and businesses by offering them a virtual store to sell their products.

India Gate Foods “The Classic Twist”
Indiagate food

India Gate Foods created a truly unique ad campaign for this Diwali. The campaign gives the viewer a choice to watch the same ad film in two different ways and learn about two different recipes from the same video. The ad-film without the VO progresses as a classic Biryani recipe. However, with the VO the film becomes a recipe for good and healthy relationships.

Why are interactive ads better than traditional advertising?

Advertisements serve as a medium for brands to tell their stories. Advertisements also act as a tool for the customers’ empowerment to make their own intelligent choices.The purpose of ads is to inform the audience about a product or service, create desire, and then get them to act. The advertising industry constantly innovates to ensure that their ads and brands stay on top of their customers’ minds.

Interactive advertisements create the maximum traction for your campaign. As interactions and experiences are personal these ads are forever agile. These experiences create brand love and maximum brand recall. When creating your own interactive campaign keep these points in mind,

  • Engage your audiences through active and participatory experiences.
  • The campaign has to be live.
  • And most importantly you need to stimulate multiple senses simultaneously to create a memorable experience.

Making a good advertising campaign that hits the right target audience requires a lot of research and work. Handling that at the same time as running your company effectively can be a bit more than a handful for you. It’s always a great idea to hire one of the top creative advertising agencies of India to handle your marketing needs and take your company sales’ figures to greater heights!

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