How to Make Sense in the Social Media Race?

How to Make Sense in the Social Media Race

How to Make Sense in the Social Media Race?


The pandemic has pushed traditional marketing backstage while giving the limelight to social and digital media. It was natural as everyone moved to this virtual world after being locked down, and every brand followed their audience to these online platforms. But not all are getting to taste the success of social media engagement. Why is that?

Various factors might restrict your brand from getting the social media attention you expect. Let’s dive deeper and know the multiple roadblocks that may squeeze your social media marketing efforts. Make sure you don’t commit these mistakes in your brand’s communications.

The Trap of Trending Hashtags & Content

Nowadays, trending hashtags and viral content are the talk of the social media town. Brands are running behind trendy topics and shaping their content similarly. When you increase your social media activities, you might feel compelled to give in to these tactics. But it will have adverse effects on your brand’s credibility.

Hash Tag

Irrelevant content is one of the top reasons (about 45%) people unfollow brands on social media. Don’t just go with the trending flow and start sharing content that actually doesn’t blend well with your brand. Instead, create original trendsetting content with focus on staying as relevant as possible.

The Risk of Being Overactive

Incessant posting will only hold your brand down. Don’t set a target of any number of posts, to begin with. It’s easy to give in to posting continuously, especially when you have a template strategy. But when you post too much content, there is a high chance your audience will ignore it. You’ll be doing nothing but adding to the sea of noise. It is better to focus on a few meaningful posts that will have a greater impact and extract greater mileage on your engagement.

Trending Hashtags & Content
Discover the JOMO (Joy of Missing Out)

Society today has latched on to the concept of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). This FOMO gives birth to the tendency of latching on to all and every topic. This leads to decline in your followers thus causing less social media reach. One thing to always remember is: your brand doesn’t need to communicate on every event or topic.

Joy of Missing Out

Make a calendar for your posts, atleast a fortnight before and schedule your content with proper breathing space. Hubspot says pages with less than 10k followers experience a 60% drop in engagement if they post more than once a day. Brands excelling in social media never want to be overseen or present an undesirable image.

With these social media strategies in mind, you need to strike the perfect balance of quality and quantity. Achieving this balance will keep your audience interested and always looking forward to your next post. So next time, follow these simple rules and make perfect sense in the social media race for your brand!

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