Top 4 DON’Ts of Facebook Marketing

Top 4 DON'Ts of Facebook Marketing

Top 4 DON’Ts of Facebook Marketing


You’ll find thousands of blogs online teaching you millions of tips and tricks about how to master Facebook marketing and how to get the best out of your investment. But very rarely, you’ll stumble upon a blog that serves as a warning sign and instructs you what NOT to do in your Facebook Marketing. This is one such blog that will save you from making grave mistakes that can harm your social media efforts.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 DON’Ts of Facebook Marketing that will ensure seamless social media marketing for your products and services:

Never “Buy” Likes

Buying likes is a gimmick that seems cheap and effective in the initial stage but does more harm to your Facebook page than good. It is a scam that shady digital marketing agencies will try to sell you if you know little about social media marketing.

Facebook Like

What they will do is give you a “too good to be true” offer like $5 for 1000 likes. You’ll be tempted and fall into the trap of taking the cheap route. You’ll start seeing great results at first. Your followers will increase rapidly out of the blue. But it will have a negative impact on the overall activities of the page. You’ll stop seeing any organic traffic at all and your followers won’t grow anymore. Just like you can’t buy customers, you really can’t buy serious followers who are interested in your business or brand. So, it’s better to stay away from buying likes and drowning your social media marketing!

Don’t Update Regularly (Incessantly)

You’d love to have your friends over for a nice dinner or weekend games at your place. It improves your social life and overall feels nice, isn’t it? But how do you like the idea of them visiting every single day and affecting your routine? Yeah… not so much. That’s how your audience will feel if you bombard them with regular posting.

Facebook new algorithim

Nobody likes constant updates, stories, videos, etc. even if they are your loyal customers. This is really an old mass media practice that doesn’t work on social media. Also, Facebook’s new advanced algorithm sorts out the feed for its users. So, if your audience gets annoyed and starts ignoring a few of your regular posts, Facebook will start showing less and less of your brand to them.

Don’t Spend on Facebook Advertising With an Open Purse

Unless you have multiple locations or a pan-India presence, spending a ton on Facebook advertising won’t yield you any extra results. Think about it this way – how many ads do you click on facebook yourself? I’m assuming not much. Facebook ads are for those who seriously have a purpose for your products or services. People who are actively searching for your brand or business. You should experiment constantly with your budget, type of advertising, audience base and find out the best way to use Facebook ads. Ad spend is a constantly shifting and changing market and it doesn’t have tried and tested methods. Do your proper research before entering the ocean of Facebook advertising.

Facebook AD
Don’t Believe Every Marketing Tip You Come Across

Just like fake news corrupting the media world, fake marketing tips are all around the online marketing world. If you’re trying to make it big for your business, you first need to come across helpful, real blog sites that teach you practical stuff about advertising & marketing.

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To devise a successful marketing strategy for your brand, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Trust me, they will handle it more efficiently and cost-effectively. Book your free consultation call and contact us today.

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